These terms are a summary of the most important conditions for a Masternode pool contribution. They are only for quick reference and do not substitute, complement the terms of service. Thus, please assure that you have also read, understood and agree to the terms of services, before proceeding with a contribution.

  • In order to make a successful investment the following conditions need to apply:
    • You must have an account.
    • You must enter truthful and accurate information about your identity (we reserve the right to perform validation checks to confirm identity).
    • You must activate your membership. The first membership fee is paid together with the first investment.
  • Minimum Invest per single transaction is the equivalent value of US$ 50.
  • Payments can be made in two ways:
    1. Transfer the stated amount of coins in the pool’s currency to the dedicated address.
    2. Transfer the stated amount of Bitcoin to the dedicated address, which NodePools with then exchange to the dedicated coin. (Price Fluctuation Margin of 10% is added to investment amount).
  • As long as a payment has not arrived and is been fully confirmed, and/or is been exchanged to the destination coin, an investment will be considered as pending. Only once it has been confirmed on the destination wallet the contribution is considered as active and you are from then on entitled to generated earnings.
  • Earnings occur on the basis of the networks pay-out to the Masternode pools, which means that they determine the frequency and amount of the earnings. These are then distributed among all contributors of the Masternode pool.
  • The NodePools platform reserves a 20 % fee on Masternode earnings, in order to operate the platform and cover hosting costs.
  • Masternode earnings are exchanged to Bitcoin and attributed to your internal credit balance.
  • Processing time and delays must be accepted.
  • Pay-outs to private Bitcoin wallet can occur as often as once a day if the threshold of 0.0025 BTC are surpassed. Network transactions costs will apply to pay-out. The threshold can be raised manually in the settings.