Don’t keep it a secret!

Everyone can invest! Be a good friend and tell your friends about Aside from not being a selfish friend there is also another benefit for you. We reward you for every registered user that you invite and there is also a long-term benefit for you. We pay a share to you relative to the earnings that your friend earned.

That’s not even it, there are even more perks. If your friend starts inviting his friends then you also get a reward for each of them and a reward on their earning. Same for their friends and their friends. Basically, you generate additional reward earnings for everyone that was brought to the system through your invite link, down to 4 levels.


You will earn a reward for invited members and those invited further down the chain. Your friends that followed your invitation are considered as level 1, while the friends invited by your level 1 members are considered level 2. Additionally, there is a level 3 for the members invited by the level 2 members in you chain.

Invite Bonus

For every person that was invited by you, who proceeds to register and becomes an active member you will be rewarded with the Bitcoin equivalent to:

Level 1: 5.00$

Level 2: 1.50$

Level 3: 0.50$

Earnings Bonus

As soon the members in your chain of invites start generating earnings for their investments, we will pay you a share relative to their earnings and the level the user is in your chain:

Level 1: 2.0%

Level 2: 1.5%

Level 3: 0.5%

Referrals FAQs

Still have unanswered questions about the referral program? Then they will probably be answered bellow.

When do I get rewarded?

Invite bonuses are paid to your internal credit in BTC, on the day the invited user has become an active member, which means that they must have paid their membership fee. The only premise is that you also must be an active member, however those invites that occur before you have activation still count for the invite bonus. Regarding the earning bonuses (share on invited users’ earnings) they are accredited to your internal credit simultaneously to the when the earnings are paid to the user. However here you are only eligible for earnings from the point you become an active member.

Your rewards are accounted for in your system internal balance in BTC. As soon as the balance surpasses the minimum payout level, they will automatically be paid out to your private Bitcoin Wallet, that you need to enter. When making a new investment you can also use your balance to reduce the amount you need to pay.

Of course! We want to grow and therefore we decided to reward our users for sharing us, if they are happy with our platform and the investment opportunity. However, we don't rely on you sharing the offer. The platform and the regular earnings that you generate are not dependent on you sharing our platform. Additionally, as rewards are paid from our shares, no user loses out because of invites.

As soon as you sign up to the platform you receive a personal invite link that you can share among your friends or wherever you see fit. Any person that opens the link and signs up (within the same browser and session the link was clicked in), will be considered as invited by you.

Nope*! Happy inviting.

*Each person can only be invited by one person.