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These are the ROI's that are currently being achieved by our users

Investing into Masternodes

With the rise of alternative consensus mechanisms in cryptocurrencies more attention shifted toward Masternodes that act as the validator of the network. Masternodes are nodes on the individual networks that validate the transactions that occur in the network, in return for a reward that the network grants, similar to how miners are rewarded for their work. In order to be eligible for a Masternode the node must prove its stake in the network by holding a certain amount of coins.

Therefore these masternodes are compensated for their validation efforts and the stake the owner holds in the network. The substantial rewards that masternodes operators earn presents themselves as an ideal investment solution that provides an opportunity for high returns of investment. not only enables you to make these investments, but it also lowers barriers of entry by pooling the investments and profiting from economies of scale effects.

Read our Guide about Masternodes

Calculate approximate earnings

≈ 4.70% Monthly Return of Invest


Masternode earnings

≈ 0.00 XZC / month

- 20% platform fee

≈ 0.00 XZC / month


≈ 0.00 XZC / month

≈ 0.0000 BTC / month

These earnings are based on what our pools are currently generating. Subject to change

Key Facts

50$ minimum Invest

As is an investment pooling service you are not required to invest thousands of coins in order to hold a whole Masternode. Instead you can decide how much you want to invest and start earning from the payouts as early as 48 hours after investment (subject to payout frequency of the coin network).

Flexibility & Freedom

You can choose to invest into any of the 10 Coins that we offer, without being bound to holding your own Masternode. This also provides the flexibility to request a payout at any time of the whole or partial investments, without affecting the earnings of your remaining investment.

Members only

You can join and benefit from our unique investment portal for just
20$ / year
Free for limited time


Why Choose is a unique investment portal that pools investments, but provides you the flexibility to choose your investment, based on risk and reward.

Pay-In with Coin or BTC. Pay-Out: BTC

You can make investments by simply transferring the amount of coins to invest to our platform. Alternatively we offer you the service of exchanging them for you, if you wish to pay in BTC (with an exchange fee). Once in the system your earnings and pay-outs are calculated in Bitcoin to sure the stability and wide acceptance. These will be regularly payed out automatically to your personal wallet.

Join the Community

Your Investment benefits from the community, as they are accumulated to purchase Masternodes of the selected coins. This lowers the minimum investment and increases the investment flexibility.

Choose the Coin

With growing selection of Pools you have the ability to choose what Masternodes you want to invest into, to maximize your profits. See the what coin suits your needs.

Pool vs. Self-Hosting

The Power of the Pool takes care of everything for you and as you are investing into Masternodes together with so many others you can invest any amount you wish.

  • No need for Servers or hosting, coding and command line skills
  • Know your investment is in safe hands with our security experts and forget about the risk of your Masternode going offline.
  • Make earnings even with smaller investments, without the need to hold the high thresholds of Masternodes

Self Hosting

With a bit of Computer skills (comand-line promts) the right servers or hosting provider it is also possible to hold your own Masternodes. However it also requires you to contineusly host and bind your investment in your Masternode. Without the flexibility to distribute it over multiple different coins and Masternodes.


Always in control of your Investments

On you can invest into Masternodes with full flexibility and monitor your earnings with a breeze.

  • See the earnings of each masternode pool
  • See estimations of the return of invest and other key metrics before you invest, so that you can make the right decision
  • Regular payouts to your personal wallets in BTC
  • Invest by paying with the coin or we can exchange BTC for you.
  • Always stay up-to-date with our reporting e-mails
  • View your earnings on the go
The Roadmap

Key Achievments

Febuary 2018 Concept development

A small group of Crypto-Nerds got together with Investors planning out a private plattform for investment into Masternodes.

March 2018 Setting up first Masternodes

The Group setup the first Masternodes, to quickly realise the potential of this investment form.

August 2018 Pool Platform development

After hosting several Masternodes the idea grew to build a plattform that pooled investments into the Masternode chains to maximize the profit and scalablity for all investments.

December 2018 Completion and start of Test Phase

After having completed the development of the plattform the testing phase begann to assure the stability, scalability and secureness.

Beginning Q2 2019 Coming Soon: Public Launch

After already hosting several Masternodes for 6 different coins, and having extensively tested the plattform the time was ripe to release it to the public